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UniS Life

I started this blog back in my university days so that I could show off some of my work and stuff! Back then I called it UniS life, so this seciton is to recap on all that!

2nd Year Java Project

One of my modules in my second year at uni was Java. The coursework set for this module was to write a java applet to demonstrate what we had learnt in the lab sessions. This included displaying dynamic text, displaying a picture, rotating a picture and creating an animation. there were no other restraints on the project. There were many simple projects that got full marks, but I took this as an oportunity to go silly! At the time my knowledge of web design was even worse than it is now, so please excuse the simplicity of the containing page. To see my masterpiece please click the following link:
Welcome Text: End Text:
My 2nd Year Java Coursework

2nd Year EDPS Project

The following link will take you to our EDPS group project, also in our second year. EDPS was very much a micky mouse course introduced because the government or whoever said they had to do it. It basically covered all the common skills and stuff you need to get into industry. Honestly, it was actually quite a useful course, but at the time it seemed a bit of a waste of time. That said, eveything we did was usually quite entertaining and you couldn't really fail if you turned up to every session, so it wasn't so bad!
Anyways the point of this section was present one of our projects. We were asked in groups to design a business plan and market a fictional product. Our group came up with a product called Prox-Eye which detects people comming to your front door and sends a picture of them to your mobile phone. Our company name was SecSyst, short for Security Systems. For our presentation we came up with this awsome marketing video. It was actually a lot of fun to produce and we got top marks for our presentation. Oh! and yes, that camp american voiceover is by yours truly. Also please don't try and call the telephone number quoted in the video, I made it up on the spot, it probably exists and the almost certainly don't know anything about us or our product. Click the following link to see our work for yourself:
Our 2nd Year EDPS Presentation Video (Appologies for the pic and sound quality)