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Hermitage First School (The Oaktree)

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Well, this is really testing my memory!

My first year was spent in class 2 with Mrs Brown. Life was Bliss, I can't actually remember doing any work! What I do remember is the story times, when we sat down on the carpet and listened to the teacher read to us. I also remember doing a lot of playing; there was giant plastic Mechano, those shapes whose edges clipped together so you could build pyramids and cubes etc, and best of all - giant plastic building bricks with which you could build a small house and climb inside!!! Life was great! It wasn't all play though, we did have some sessions watching BBC learning recorded from BBC2. That's pretty much as tough as it got, as far as I can remember.

In the second year I moved up to class 3, also with Mrs Brown. (She moved up with us!) I can't remember much more from this year apart from the Courtyard. From year 2 onwards the classrooms were located around a large courtyard where all the fun stuff was. There were stilts and pedalgo's, a sandpit, a pond and a wired little concrete world, which toy cars could drive around. The courtyard was reserved for people who had finished their work! so I didn't spend a lot of time out there! Even so, it was this year I managed to end up pushing my mate into the pond!! An accident of course, but difficult to explain, especially at the tender age of six! Need less to say, this story ended in a trip to the Head Mistress.

Year 3, class 5. All I remember from this year was the swimming. "Back in my day" the school had a swimming pool, 0.5m deep at one end, and 0.9 at the other, 5m by 10m. I remember it well. Our swimming teacher was Mrs Pain (it may have been Pane, I only ever heard the name!) She was the scariest teacher I have ever had. She was the one who forced you to go swimming whether you wanted to or not. For a long time, this was the least desirable part of the week. I couldn't swim any stroke other than doggy paddle. The end each term brought 'fun' to classrooms, and supposedly to the pool as well. Mrs Pain would always bring in a bag full of coppers (1 and 2 pence pieces) and throw them into the pool. We would then scurry around the pool and any coins we found, we kept. At this stage my head was to stay above the surface at all times and I wouldn't dive to get coins, so I spent the time dragging coins to the shallow end with my feet so I could reach them… just! From the day I was given a pair of goggles my attitude to swimming was flipped right around. The last year or so, pool times were much more 'fun' and 90% of my time was spent under water!!!

My last year at this school was spent in class 7 with Mrs Pill. The "highlight" of this year was my duty as librarian, or lib'arian as I knew it at that age. This was the hour or so, which we could spend out of class doing "librarian duties". Librarian duties consisted of about 10% sorting books and stacking shelves and 90% playing with the games in the library. The one I remember was a simple little patience, concentration, steady hand thing. It was a little blue spiral ramp, with a hole at the top. The idea being tip the thing round and round trying to roll the ball baring up to the top of the ramp into the hole in the middle, without it falling off the edge! In all the hours spent on that thing, I only remember successfully reaching the summit once.

First school was great, if I could go back… I would! There's not much left to say so I'll leave you with the facts of my time:

Head Mistress: Miss Chasemore
Deputy: Mrs Pill
Reception: Mrs Catchlove
My Teachers: Mrs Brown (class 2 & 3)
Mrs Davenport (other)
Mrs Pill (class 7)
Mrs Pain (swimming)
and one others ? (class 5)

Hermitage Middle School (The Hermitage)

The Hermitage School Website

Chapter 2 - The Hermitage... Comming Soon!

Head Mistress: Mrs Duhig
Deputy: Mrs Parry
My Teachers and others: Mrs Parry
Mrs Loosemore
Mrs Sweeting
Mrs Taylor
Mrs (music) Taylor
and others?!

Winston Churchill School

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Woking College

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University of Surrey

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